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IARCSC reiterates its commitment to continued national capacity development efforts

NIBP is a national capacity building project that builds capacity at all three levels i.e. institutional, organizational and individual with an ultimate aim to improve service delivery through a responsive, organized and efficient civil service. The project which started in January 2010 is now towards its end i.e. December 2013. During these four years, NIBP has supported some major national ministries and their provincial organizations such as MAIL, MoEc, MoCI, MRRD, MoTCA, MoLSAMD, MoIC, MoCIT, MoPH and IARCSC.

IARCSC vows to strengthen coordination and cooperation with the International Community and Donors

The IARCSC launched a new national initiative called the “Reform and Capacity Building Coordination Forum” to ensure a comprehensive and well-coordinated implementation of the Governance Cluster’s National Priority Program 3’s implementation and strengthen the Government of Afghanistan (GIRoA) and the International Community’s future cooperation on the strategic matters of public sector reforms and capacity building. 

An Afghan led Reform and Capacity Building Program:

The CBR program was introduced to the following ministries

Ministry of Finance Project Support Unit (MOF PSU) and Independent Administrative Reform & Civil Service Commission Project Support Unit (IARCSC PSU) have organized detail technical level discussions with the line ministries. In these meetings a detail presentation was presented to senior leadership (including the Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Director Generals and other senior staff) of the following ministries:

The New Phase of Open Competition for Appointment in Grade 1 and 2 through CBR

For upgrading capacities and improving better and more effective service delivery in civil service organizations, IARCSC, as per the direction of the presidential authority and to continue the process of administrative reforms of the country, initiated and launched a general examination for recruiting individuals for the common function positions of a number of ministries through CBR,

Performance Appraisal
A well designed and implemented performance appraisal system is helpful for the employee, supervisor and the organization. The core benefits of this opportunity are to help each employee better understand his/her role and clarify functions, provide better understanding on personal strengths and weaknesses and how they align with his/her role and functions in the organization, identify the developmental needs of employees, given his/her role and function. It is also instrumental in creating a positive and healthy climate in the organization that drives employees to give their best and assists in a variety of personnel decisions by periodically generating data regarding each employee.

To gain these advantages, the performance appraisal must gather information on three facets for each employee:

  • Behavior and personal characteristics;
  • Performance and achievement in the job;
  • Identify obstacles and discover room for improvement
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