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CBR Title
An Afghan led Reform and Capacity Building Program:                                          

The CBR program was introduced to the following ministries

Ministry of Finance Project Support Unit (MOF PSU) and Independent Administrative Reform & Civil Service Commission Project Support Unit (IARCSC PSU) have organized detail technical level discussions with the line ministries. In these meetings a detail presentation was presented to senior leadership (including the Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Director Generals and other senior staff) of the following ministries: 

Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology ,Ministry of Education, Ministry of Higher Education ,Ministry of Economy ,Ministry of Public Work ,Ministry of Public Health ,Ministry of Labour,  Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled, Ministry of Justice ,Ministry of Commerce and Industry ,Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development ,Ministry of Energy and Water ,Ministry of Mines ,Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation and Ministry of Counter Narcotics.

The CBR program was explained in detail to the management of each ministry and all the relevant questions were answered by the CBR team from both institutions. In addition to the presentation, the team went through the initial application form with the management and explained how they should fill out the form as it is the key for determination of the Tier of the ministry. A copy of Pre-qualification criteria was given to the management to understand how a ministry can obtain resources from CBR program.

Primary applications have been sent by the following ministries. Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, Ministry of Counter Narcotics, Ministry of Telecommunication and Information, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Ministry of Rural Development.


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