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CBR Title
Envisioning the future                                                                                   

Having in view the current conditions from the transition   process to the establishment of law and order and stabilization, economic growth, social development and public welfare which are at the core of the government’s policy, the establishment of good governance is one of the main strategies for the implementation of the stated policies. 

The creation of a legitimate administration with full capacity through reforming the administrative system of the country is at the focus of good governance.  The IARCSC has designed the Capacity Building for Results (CBR) program in partnership with the World Bank in the framework of establishing effective and efficient governance by utilizing the experience in implementation of the reform programs and having in view the regional experience in this context.

The program has been designed, by considering the three main principles:  resource mobilization for comprehensive reforms by avoiding scattered approach, promoting the sense ownership within ministries having in view the reform framework   including administrative and sector reforms with recognition of the fact that reform is a long term process.

The project has a Steering Committee, chaired by IARCSC Chairman and the Minister of Finance. The MoF Project Support Unit serves as secretariat to the Steering Committee. The project has a Project Management Committee, the MoF, Director of Budget and the General Director of GDPDM is the members. 

Strategic decisions and important policies of the project shall be developed and approved by the Steering Committee while the Project Support Units within GDPDM-IARCSC and MoF shall carry out the routine operations and follow up the implementation of the decisions.


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