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IARCSC reiterates its commitment to continued national capacity development efforts
NIBP Staff Meeting

The IARCSC called a general National Institution Building Project (NIBP) Staff Meeting on 03 Meezan, 1392 (25 September, 2013).  

NIBP is a national capacity building project that builds capacity at all three levels i.e. institutional, organizational and individual with an ultimate aim to improve service delivery through a responsive, organized and efficient civil service. The project which started in January 2010 is now towards its end i.e. December 2013. During these four years, NIBP has supported some major national ministries and their provincial organizations such as MAIL, MoEc, MoCI, MRRD, MoTCA, MoLSAMD, MoIC, MoCIT, MoPH and IARCSC.

The meeting conducted by the General Directorate of Programs’ Design and Management of IARCSC was attended by International Capacity Development Advisors and National Capacity Development Officers. Mr Rohullah Osmani (Chair) once again reiterated IARCSC’s commitment to continue its national capacity development efforts. He stated that the Government of Afghanistan (GIRoA) has achieved several feats in the recent years such as improved policy-making capacity, increased national revenues and improved budget execution. But despite all these national achievements, he urged that we must continue to focus on national capacity development efforts.

He explained that our future capacity building efforts should be focused on the strategic notion of increased self-reliance. He mentioned that we may soon begin to experience a decline in aid monies and that compels us to ensure more optimal use of the donor aid to have greater impact and achieve sustainable positive results.

He praised the NIBP and stated that we have made several strides in improving the strategic and operative capacity of our client public organizations but we do realize that we need to continue building on our efforts. He reiterated IARCSC’s commitment to continue the project and asked all the participants to provide their frank and constructive advices for the next phase of the project.

He emphasized on the fact that we need to have an even more focused and effective future project. He said that the next phase of the project should be in direct alignment with the strategic objectives and goals of GIRoA mentioned in important national documents such as “Towards Self-Reliance: Strategic Vision for the Transformation Decade” and the relevant National Priority Programs”. He encouraged the participants to express their views in detail as they are in actual centers of work and therefore have a much deeper insight.

The participants (both international and national advisors) welcomed this initiative and unanimously supported the idea of gathering thoughts and jointly brainstorming on the approach and elements of the project’s next phase. They believed that the project must have a more focused sectoral approach in the next phase. It must also broaden its support to regional and provincial public entities. Coordination of the project must be strengthened with other capacity building programs/projects and more effort should be put in to ensure its capacity building plans are in direct alignment with the organizational policies and strategic vision.

Finally, IARCSC again restated its commitment for on time completion of the Project Document for the next phase of the project. It is also expressed its commitment and dedication to work closely with UNDP, other donors and relevant government organizations to ensure smooth transition to the next phase and continued capacity building support to GIRoA ministries/agencies. 


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