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H.E President Hamid Karzai praises IARCSC's achievements in establishing critical mass for change and sustainable development of the civil service
H.E President Hamid Karzai praises IARCSC's achievements in establishing critical mass for change and sustainable development of the civil service

At a meeting that was held on 06 Jadi 1390 (27 December, 2011) including H.E Mr Hamid Karzai the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Dr Mushahid the Chairman of the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC), Rohullah Osmani the Director General of Programs’ Design and Management and the Afghan Experts (MCP Appointees) working at various civil service institutions at the President’s Office, the President said, “that job security for state employees and their confidence for future is an underlying condition for improved civil service in Afghanistan.

The President vowed that by the time his term comes to the end, the civil service in Afghanistan should be in a situation in which public servants should be enjoying security in job and promotions should be based on merits and qualifications through legal frameworks and better legislation”.

Later Dr Mushahed briefed the participants on the importance of the Management Capacity Program (MCP) and insisted that the highly skilled employees should be appropriately utilized in the government agencies so that there managerial efficiencies are enhanced.

At this meeting Mr Rohullah Osmani the Director General of Programs’ Design and Management of the IARCSC said, “I look forward to today’s meeting as a source of positive energy and motivation so that we could better move towards achieving our goals of establishing a strong civil administration which is non-political, accountable, effective, highly skilled and equipped with necessary human capital.

The Management Capacity Program is in fact the actual implementation of the Government of Afghanistan’s dreams and policies of establishing a strong, secure and non-political state through attracting highly skilled and technical people, and within the civil administration it is a driver of change towards building a strong and a state capable of responding to the needs of the public.

In many of today’s developed world countries and in particular the regional countries such as India and Singapore the key to success is effective utilization of critical capacities in important public sectors and therefore, the IARCSC utilizing its vast experience of recruiting Afghan Experts from both inside and outside the country designed and implemented the MCP to address the challenges of capacity gaps and establish a sustainable platform for building strategic capacities in the Government of Afghanistan.

The success and the achievements of the program also enabled the relevant government agencies to own the design and development of their policies and developmental programs/projects and have greatly facilitated the Afghans-led process”. 
He further added that since the beginning of the MCP to present about 200 experts are recruited for 26 government ministries/agencies serving at various top and middle level management positions.  Out of these, about 70 employees have PhD and Masters Degrees and around 120 of them have undergraduate and post graduate degrees. Therefore, the IARCSC intends to recruit another 300 to 500 such highly skilled employees through the extension of the MCP at various levels of structural positions both at national and sub-national public agencies.
He also added that the implementation of this program facilitated the process of the Afghan employees taking the strategic responsibilities in public organizations which were previously carried out by the foreign experts. The employees of the program also managed taking lead of the technical issues at various levels of structural positions and this not only has had positive impact on the delivery of services but it also has ensured sustainable development in the government agencies of Afghanistan.

It is worth mentioning that any transition process to Afghans will be unsuccessful if the required capacities are not generated in the government agencies and such Afghan Experts will lay the foundation for sustainable capacity development in Afghanistan government agencies.

On behalf of the experts of the civil administration, Aimal Marjan assured the President that the experts as the offspring of the country and they tend to work with absolute honesty and patriotism though they would be paid lower than the foreign experts.

The experts under the MCP briefed the President about their achievements and called for support to those programs which apply ownership, leadership and capabilities of Afghan experts for development.


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