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Lateral Entry Program (LEP)                                                                            
Lateral Entry Program (LEP)

The Lateral Entry Program (LEP) has been designed as part of a greater scheme at capacity building through Afghan experts. This Program aims to provide Afghan experts with the incentives which encourage them to view the civil service as a worthy career path. This project involves the recruitment of qualified Afghan experts for senior and middle management line positions in governmental agencies.

The project was approved in August 2005 from Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund, conceived to tap into a known pool of exceptionally well-qualified Afghan experts residing internally and abroad to work as civil servants and advisors to help line ministries and agencies with institutional reforms, human resources development and formulation and management of priority development programs.

The LEP has been scheduled for implementation in two phases. The first pilot phase was expecting to recruit (100) lateral entrants (to be based in Kabul). While in the second phase, it was expected to recruit (1500) experts; however, since LEP and AEP projects are merged together into a new project, MCP, the second phase target was intended to be covered under MCP project with a lesser target number.

The project’s objective was to attract and recruit key staff from non-governmental sectors like NGOs, UN agencies, donor communities and other skilled professionals across the region.  As LEP recruits had no certainty of a position at the end of the contract period, it has been anticipated that the arrangement would prove attractive to consultants from existing firms.

A secondary objective of the LEP was to help and initiate a process of reform in non-PRR ministries. The LEP strived to normalize the terms and conditions of engagement for a large number of Afghan professionals who are on the payrolls of bilateral donors or donor-funded consultants and contractors but were working as de facto civil servants in various line ministries.

Implementation Arrangement:
The LEP has been implemented initially by the IARCSC through the same team implementing the AEP.  As with the AEP, the (MAC) was providing oversight of the program implementation. The (ARS) was assessing the requests for lateral entrants while appointment of lateral entrants was made by the Independent Appointment Board (IAB) established under the IARCSC. After establishment of CDS, all administrative, financial and HR management related responsibilities of the program were given to CDS in 2006, and CDS has received the proposals though ARS and done the follow up of recruitment process according to the LEP procedure.


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