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Management Capacity Program (MCP)                                                              
Management Capacity Program (MCP)
I. Overview:

The Management Capacity Program, through funding from ARTF, intends to enable the government to foster the increase of human capacity and sustain  improved performance in the line management positions in priority ministries involved in service delivery to compliment donor provided technical assistance. The intended impact of the Management Capacity Program is the delivery of better quality services to the people of Afghanistan, especially at sub-national level, and improved use of budgetary resources, including those provided by the international donor community. To reach this goal the program aims to improve managerial ability, motivation and confidence of individuals and working teams within the civil service.

The MCP focuses primarily on supporting the execution of common functions at the senior or managerial levels namely financial management, human resources management, policy and planning, and general administration.  The posts are not advisors, but in line position functions which reflect more weight in hierarchical authority for implementation, as supposed only give advice. Additionally, it concentrates on critical positions in the change management process in various ministries and senior key management positions. 

MCP recruits a ‘professional elite’ (240 appointments expected) with an aim to assume the responsibilities of line managers within government ministries. MCP appointments are competitive and selection is merit-based, in strict accordance with Government of Afghanistan and World Bank criteria and international standard procedures. Successful candidates are engaged via a contract, either for a two-year or three year period, directly with the appointing ministry/organization. It is intended that the ministries or other government bodies that participate in the MCP will achieve observable and sustained improvements in performance as a result of the assistance provided through MCP.  This has important implications for the work of the MCP appointees, who are expected to devote significant portions of their time to introducing effective systems of work and building human resources within their units.  

I.A. Program’s Objectives:
To achieve sustained improved performance in the management capacity of key departments dealing with any or all of the common functions, including financial management, policy and regulatory design and administration. This should ultimately result in improved utilization and cost effectiveness of budgetary resources and faster and better development of results on the ground. 

I.B. Implementation Arrangement:
The MCP is implemented by the General Directorate of Program Design (GDPDM) of the Independent Administrative Reform Civil Service Commission (IARCSC). The General Director of GDPDM and IARCSC Chairman would report regularly to the PAR Steering Committee on the results of the program and annual work programs and budgets.   
II. Securing Requests from User Bodies:

II.A. Eligibility criteria:
Whether the responsibilities of the post: 
•    fall within one of the MCP’s five common function areas,  financial management, human resource management, policy and regulatory design, or administration and project management
•    is covered under the organization’s Tashkeel and can be regarded as a senior level or upper-middle management level position
•     is managerial in nature and requires the exercise of change-oriented leadership, or is likely to improve the managerial performance of the requesting body and whether the request is:

-     supported by a proposal that has been fully completed using the prescribed  
-     is manageable within the budget available to MCP.  Priority consideration is given to requests that address needs at sub-national level and areas where service delivery is critical and performance/standard has gaps.


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