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National Institution Building Project (NIBP)                                                      
National Institution Building Project (NIBP)

The National Institution Building Project builds upon the proven and successful experience of the two UNDP Projects, namely, Capacity for Afghan Public Services Project (CAP) and Civil Service Leadership Development (CSLD) Project. The Project budget costing 115 million USD signed between the UNDP and IARCSC. The National Institution Building Project (NIBP) will bring the experiences of CAP and CSLD projects under a single project framework to provide a coordinated, up-scaled and comprehensive package of capacity building support required by the government at the national and sub-national levels. Independent evaluations found the capacity building approach implemented through CAP and CSLD projects to be successful. The NIBP intends to support the Government of Afghanistan in taking the lead in consolidating and expanding the successful capacity building approach to make the differences in the performance of Government agencies.

The National Institution Building Project (NIBP), to be implemented over a period of four years, will follow an integrated approach to CD. The Primary objectives of the project would be to enhance capacity within the ministries at all three levels, namely institutional, organizational and individual which would ultimately result into improved service delivery through an efficient, organized and trained civil service. The visible impact would be better budget utilization, rationalized organization structures and well trained civil servants.

NIBP will undertake the development of a National Training Policy (NTP) as envisaged in ANDS and will provide institutional and policy support to ACSI for implementing required training programs for civil servants at both national and sub-national levels. ACSI would be the apex training institute for training of civil servants and will be strengthened in terms of physical infrastructure and human resources to fulfill its important mandate.

In order to ensure adequate strategic coordination, the NIBP will support PAR management and coordination at IARCSC and will support the Inter-ministerial Commission of Capacity Development (ICCD) for the purpose of establishment and enhancement of its Secretariat.

To strengthen national institutional capacity and to create an efficient and capable public sector workforce through the development of institutions and civil service at the national and sub-national levels, the establishment of accountability mechanisms and effective utilization of resources for better service delivery.

Implementation Arrangement:
The IARCSC shall be the Government Cooperating Agency for the Project. The IARCSC will be the government unit directly responsible for the government’s participation in the Project. The General Directorate of Program Design and Management (GDPDM) of the IARCSC shall be the Implementing Partner for the Project. The GDPDM shall be responsible and accountable for managing the project, including monitoring and evaluation of project interventions, achieving project outputs ,and for the effective use of Project resources.


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