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Strategic Direction                                                                                        
Strategic Direction

The following eight statements summarize the improvements GDPDM wants to realize by the end of its 3-year strategic plan (30 June 2013/03 Sarataan 1392) after all its targets have been reached.  Together they constitute significant administrative reform. 

GDPDM’s continued support to the line ministries/agencies both at national and sub-national level through various institutional capacity building programs. Recruitment of various highly skilled and experienced senior civil service employees for change, sustained growth and success of many national and sub-national public organizations.
GDPDM through various initiatives managed establishment of a strategic coordination mechanism among key capacity building programs of the GoIRoA, enabling the programs to be implemented in a more efficient and complementary manner.
GDPDM in collaboration with the other internal Departments of the IARCSC, lead and managed the development of the IARCSC’s Strategic Plan.
In support of Kabul Conference decisions and assessing public organizations capacities, GDPDM carrying out organizational capacity assessments of national and sub-national public organizations. The data being effectively utilized and complementary to the Ministry of Finance budget execution capacity assessments.
Donor relations are more structured, more directly supportive of the IARCSC’s vision and strategic targets and represent an effective collaboration.  The IARCSC is better positioned to work knowledgeably with all parts of major donor organizations and to influence outcomes.  Donor funding has increased and is better used.
Anti-Corruption element (2 hour class by donor) now built into every new project. GDPDM closely monitoring financial operations and hiring procedures to achieve full transparency of process and to discourage, but identify corrupt practices. “Only best qualifications influence hiring-decisions.” GDPDM supported placement of Reform and Development officers in most important line ministries and sub-national directorates.  
GDPDM’s Strategic Communications and Marketing Plan has:o Attracted more and more diverse donor support.o Improved its working relationships within the IARCSC and with other GoIRoA agencies at both the national and sub-national levels. 
GDPDM’s internal coordination, information-sharing and collaboration noticeably improved because of: o Line-managers’ two-month experience working together on Strategic Planning Team; o Continued existence and use of Senior Planning Team.  o Team’s introduction of standard operating procedures, standard work routines and formats for written work.  
GDPDM’s enlarged internal capacity development  curriculum, with more frequent presentations including special requests has improved mission performance and contributed to staff’s keener interest in their work.  
GDPDM’s monitoring & evaluation efforts in support of one major international donor program has provided extensive experience to select staff and improved the skill-sets available to the Department. 


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