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CBR Title
The sub-national pilot project was intended to support and enhance project planning, design and implementation capacity of line-ministries at the sub-national level.  It was comprised of five phases, including capacity building, establishing and strengthening systems and processes, and a capturing learning phase.  Implemented in two of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces there were inherent limitations due to time limits (about 6 months) and security constraints for the two pilot provinces of Herat and Nangarhar.  Also, while both Herat and Nangarhar are considered well developed in terms of infrastructure and services by comparison to other provinces, care was taken to ensure the assessment of provincial capacity for project management within the Directorates of Education, Public Health and Agriculture was carried out diligently so results could be objectively gauged for possible extension of SNPP more broadly with other provinces of Afghanistan.  In this context the initial pilot phase serves as a reasonable indicator of the viability to scaling up this form of capacity building to other provinces and ministries.

Program’s Objectives
The main objectives of project are: to develop inter-ministerial coordination of planning and action; to exercise and strengthen national/sub-national effective communication; and to build capacities at sub-national level.

The General Directorate of Program Design and Management initiated a six month pilot project to be implemented at sub-national level and designed to build project management capacity, and to bolster the project cycle management capacity of provincial directorates of three participating ministries - the Ministry of Public Health, the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Ministry of Education, in the provinces of Herat and Nangarhar.  The pilot project was funded by USAID through its Afghanistan Civil Service Support (ACSS) program

The pilot phase of the Project was successful implemented by the GDPDM’s project Design and Management Unit. The members were Mr. Abdul Hadi Jalali – National Project Manager, Mr Nameer Al Hadithi – ACSS Advisor to GDPDM, Mr. Don Seufert – ACSS Advisor to GDPDM and Mr. Ahmad Zia Siddiqi – Project Officer. The Project team also included 7 Project Management Consultants placed in Directorates of Education, Public Health and Agriculture at Herat and Nangarhar. 


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