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President Karzai Vows Reforms in Civil Service for Job Security                            
President Karzai Vows Reforms in Civil Service for Job Security Publish Date: Dec 27, 2011  December 27, 2011 -

At a meeting with a number of experts from the Civil Service administration, President Karzai said that job security for state employees and their confidence for future is an underlying condition for improved civil service in Afghanistan.

The President vowed that by the time his term comes to end, civil service in Afghanistan should be in a situation in which public servants be enjoying security in job and promotions be based on merits and qualifications through legal frameworks and better legislation.

During the meeting held Tuesday at the presidential palace, President Karzai said, “although our government is yet to deliver a stable, reliable and job-secure civil service, you [as experts] signify the truth of Afghanistan’s progress.”While addressing the experts, the President reiterated, “You are the critical mass of the civil services and can be the crucial core for laying the cornerstone of the civil service in Afghanistan.

”Pointing to the civil service systems in the UK and India as good models, the President said, the people educated in these countries are employed in offices through merit-based competitions; thus remaining in office even when governments change. He added, the civil services mean that individuals in Afghan society be hired in civil institutions through a series of merit-based competitions.

The President said, those hired should equally undergo stages of promotions and enjoy job-security in their working performances according to the law. 

Present in the meeting was Dr. Mushahed, Director General of the Independent Administrative Reforms & Civil Services Commission (IARCSC) who briefed the president on the importance of the Management Capacity Program (MCP) saying that those hired through the MCP could contribute greatly in an improved civil administration.Also, Rohullah Osmani, the Director General of IARCSC Program Design & Management said, in fact the MCP is the policy of the Government of Afghanistan for building a professional administration.

He added, Afghans would provide the services and development of Afghanistan on their own through MCP since this program has been initiated in principle as an incentive for change and efficiency in the public administration.Mr.

Osmani noted, the IARCS has employed more than 200 experts for 26 state institutions through this program. He highlighted, out of these, more than 70 experts have PhD and Master degrees therefore the IARCS plans to hire a further 300 to 500 experts for the administrations of Afghanistan.

On behalf of the experts of civil administrations, Emal Marjan assured the president that the experts as the offspring of the country tend to work with absolute honesty and patriotism though they would be paid lower than the foreign experts.

The experts under MCP briefed the president about their achievements and called for support to those programs which apply ownership, leadership and capabilities of Afghan experts for development.


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