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IARCSC vows to strengthen coordination and cooperation with the International Community and Donors                                    



IARCSC vows to strengthen coordination and cooperation with the International Community and Donors

The IARCSC launched a new national initiative called the “Reform and Capacity Building Coordination Forum” to ensure a comprehensive and well-coordinated implementation of the Governance Cluster’s National Priority Program 3’s implementation and strengthen the Government of Afghanistan (GIRoA) and the International Community’s future cooperation on the strategic matters of public sector reforms and capacity building. Taking into consideration UNAMA’s mandate to coordinate National Priority Programs’ implementation, this forum is Co-chaired by the Director General of Programs’ Design and Management of IARCSC and the Head of Civil Affairs Unit of UNAMA.

The Forum’s first meeting was held on 19 Sunbula 1392 (10 September 2013) which was attended by several major national and international partners and donors of public sector reforms and capacity building. Mr. Rohullah Osmani (Director General, Programs’ Design and Management, IARCSC) and Mr Hassan El Hag (Head, Civil Affairs Unit, UNAMA) welcomed the participants and expressed their gratitude to the International Partners for welcoming and appreciating this new initiative. IARCSC expressed its strong commitment to ensure comprehensive implementation of the current NPP3 (Afghanistan Efficient and Effective Government) and build a common consensus and understanding among national and international partners on future strategic public sector reforms and capacity building matters.

Mr. Osmani vowed that the IARCSC intends to strengthen a cohesive approach between the Government and the donors for achieving the strategic goals and objectives of NPP3. He urged to strengthen coordination and cooperation among the national stakeholders of public sector reforms and ensure a more united and unified approach in future to this national objective. He said, “GIRoA and its International Partners share a principal objective to create sustainable governance in Afghanistan which would complement security building efforts and play an important role in maintaining stability through an effective government that serves the needs of the people”.

Highlighting the importance of focused reforms and public sector capacity building to maintain and continue delivering services to the people of Afghanistan during the transition and transformation decades, he further added, “to ensure sustainability of GIRoA’s assumption of responsibilities, there is an urgent need to strengthen core functional state structures. With strong state structures, the Government is better able to deliver services”.

He then thanked all the international partners and donors that have supported IARCSC in successfully carrying out its mandate and stressed on the fact that the Government and Donors must utilize this platform to develop technical consensus and common understanding of strategic reforms and capacity building to ensure establishment of a sustainable and more effective national governance system. He said, “as much as it is important to learn from the experiences of our International Friends, it is also important for Afghanistan to implement efforts in a manner that is the “Best Fit” for Afghanistan context”.

Mr Abdul Hadi Jalali (Advisor, IARCSC) then presented and briefed the participants on the progress, achievements and completed tasks of the NPP3 implementation. He also briefed the participants on the challenges and constraints in way of comprehensive implementation of the Program. The Presentation also included a brief of the next steps and implementation arrangements for the Program.

The participants including the national and international partners welcomed the initiative and assured of their commitment to the Forum. They echoed the notion of managing a united platform to build a common understanding among national and international partners on the strategic matters of public sector reforms and capacity building. The partners also expressed their eagerness to be part of a larger coordination team to monitor the progress and implementation of the current NPP3.

The IARCSC and UNAMA emphasized on their commitment to effective management and continued implementation of the Coordination Forum. The IARCSC also committed to sharing regular NPP3 Implementation Progress Reports and following up on the decisions of the Forum’s Quarterly Meetings.


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