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The New Phase of Open Competition for Appointment in Grade 1 and 2 through CBR  (New)                 
For upgrading capacities and improving better and more effective service delivery in civil service organizations, IARCSC, as per the direction of the presidential authority and to continue the process of administrative reforms of the country, initiated and launched a general examination for recruiting individuals for the common function positions of a number of ministries through CBR, so that, through this process, more candidates could participate in the open competition process and from among them those who get higher marks could be appointed and enter the government administrative system.

The New Phase of Open Competition for Appointment in Grade 1 and 2 through CBR

The examination was launched on 11th of Mizan of the current year at the Afghan Civil Service Institute (ASCI). From among the total number of 1200 applicants, 210 of them participated in the contest for appointment in 41 common function grade 1 and 2 posts, including 2 posts of the General Directorate of Policy and Planning, Human Resources Directorates, Procurement, Internal Audit, Finance, Administration, Admin & Finance, Plan and Policy, Financial Deputy Director, Policy Deputy Director for ministries of Finance, Economy, Higher Education, Communication and Informational Technology, Commerce and Industries, Agriculture, Irrigation & Livestock, Public Work, Public Health, Counter-narcotics, Energy and water, Tribal  and Border Affairs, Social, Martyrs and Disabled Affairs, Transport and Civil Aviation, Rural Rehabilitation and Development, Education, Urban Development, Information and Culture,  Presidential Office,  Office of Administrative Affairs of the Council of Ministers, Independent National Standards Agency, and the Independent Local Governance Directorate.  

The evaluation of the examination papers for each post was done by separate evaluation committees comprising of the commissioners of IARCSC’s Civil Service Appointment Boar, and the representatives of ministries and agencies (deputies) in the presence of civil organizations oversights,  on 2nd -16th  of Aqrab of the current year at GDPDM.  As a result, from among the 210 applicants, 69 of them succeeded in getting the higher marks required for ascending to the next phase of the competition.

On Aqrab 17th, the results were communicated to all the 210 participants via email and telephone contacts, and those who were not satisfied about the results were provided with the opportunity to submit their complaints, within three working days, to the Civil Service Appeals Board for reconsideration.

By the end of the process of addressing the claims of the complainants by the Appeals Board, the next phase, i.e. interview with successful candidates, shall be started.   


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